Driko's '80s Music Tapes and Lyrics
Excellent site featuring reminiscences, lists, essays, quizzes and a very good selection of lyrics.
Though not specifically related to the '80s, this is an interesting website which has a searchable database of song information developed and used by disc jockeys to provide interesting facts about many songs. Many of the songs on this site are from the '80s. Something I learned on my last visit : A lyrical translation of Men at Work's "Down Under". Fried out combie - a broken-down van. Head full of Zombie - Zombie was a particularly strong batch of marijuana which was floating around Australia for a long time. People called it "Zombie Grass"...
Fun site featuring lyrics, trivia, biographies, games, and general 80s Music

Classic Club Hits (Mid '80s thru Mid '90s)
Nice page containing a list of the more obscure, hard to find dance hits of the '80s and mid '90s. Has links to official band websites

KLOV (Killer List Of Video Games)
If you spent some time at the arcades in the '80s you'll be familiar with much of the material on this site. It features the largest database of coin-operated video games on the world wide web. You can search games by title, year the game was manufactured or description. In most cases they provide you with screen shots of the game & a photograph of the original video game cabinet, together with instructions, synopsis, and other interesting pieces of information.