Deneice Williams

Deneice Williams

Deniece Williams

was born on June 3, 1950, in Gary, Indiana. Her career began when she became a backup vocalist for Stevie Wonder, as a part of, Wonderlove, along with Minnie Riperton, in the 1970's. She left Stevie Wonder in 1975 and joined producer Maurice White who was the leader of the group, Earth Wind & Fire. Deniece signed up with Columbia Records and released her debut album called, This Is Niecy, in 1976. Her single called, Free, reached number 2 on the Black Singles chart, number 25 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, and number 1 on the British Singles chart. Also from the album came the song, Cause You Love Me Baby, which charted on the R&B chart and it was the flip side of Free. She and Johnny Mathis shared the Billboard Hot 100 chart with the duet song, Too Much, Too Little, Too Late. The song also hit the top of the Black Singles and Adult Contemporary Charts.

In the early 1980's Niecy signed up with the American Recording Company (ARC) and in 1981, she released the Top 10 R&B hit called, Silly. IN 1982 she (with the help of producer Thom Bell) released the remake of Itís Gonna Take A Miracle, and it reached # 1 on the R&B Chart and also reached the Top 10 chart. In 1984 Deneice released the album called, Letís Hear It For the Boy, and the title track reached # 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart and was also featured on the movie soundtrack of Footloose.

Deniece kept recording and releasing albums during the 1980's and her last Top 10 hit was, I Canít Wait, which was released in 1988. This song was from her album called, As Good As It gets. Her popularity began to fade and it was thought to be because of lack of promotion from the record company.

In 1996, Niecy got her own BBC radio show in the U. K. And presents new gospel and inspirational music. Even without the hits, her voice lives on. She is noted to have a wide range voice that very few have. She also recorded the theme song, Without Us, for the television sitcom, Family Ties, with singer Johnny Mathis.

Niecy continues to stay busy with her career. She appeared on the reality dating show, Elimidate, in 2005 as a part of their Celebrity Week promotion. She had an appearance on August18 in Los Angeles and she fell off of the stage but continued to perform and later was taken to the hospital in a wheelchair. On October 13, 2007 she gave a benefit performance at The Glen Theater in Gary, Indiana.