Tracey Ullman

Tracey Ullman

was born on December 30, 1959 in Slough, Buckinghamshire (which is now Berkshire), Britain. Tracy is now a U. S. Citizen. She was a combination, singer, actress, comedian, dancer, screenwriter, and author. The successful part of her career is when she was the host of her own variety television series, The Tracy Ullman Show, from which The Simpsons was spun off of in 1989. The biggest success in her career however, was her success in producing shows for HBO which included, Tracy Takes On....From this she won many awards. Tracy also appeared in many films.

Tracy began play acting and mimicking others at a very early age. When she was only six years old she performed and put on shows, with her sister, Patty, for her mother and others to console them after her father died. She wanted to cheer them up. She could mimic anyone, including her neighbors, friends, and celebrities. When Tracy was 12, one of her teachers noticed her talent and recommended that she attend the Italia Conti Academy stage school. She got her first taste of stage here but she felt that her drawback was her dark features. It seemed that the light complected, blonds were more in demand for the roles. It seemed that if you were not blond haired and blue eyed, you did not get a part. When she was sixteen she began to find jobs as a dancer. She landed a role in Gigi, in Berlin. After this she went back to England and joined the, Second Generation, dance troop.

Tracy was successful as a singer in 1983, with her comic, romantic style of music. She signed with the punk label, Stiff records and she had 6 songs in the British Top 100 within 2 years. Her first hit was Breakaway. Her songs were a style all her own with a combination of 1960's and 1970's pop music with 1980's edge mixed in.

Tracy moved on to television and starred in comedies such as A Kick Up the Eighties, and Three of a Kind. In 1985, she put on a blond wig and performed as Candice Valentine on the ITV sitcom, Girls On Top. In 1987 Tracy and James Brooks created The Tracy Ullman Show. She portrayed a variety of characters. The show was a big hit. In 2005 Tracy returned to HBO in 2005. She had a special which consisted of her stage show, Tracy Ullman: Live and Exposed. In December, 2005, she released, Tracy takes On...The Complete First Season, was released on a DVD from HBO Home Video. She will also appear in 2008 in, State of the Union, for Showtime.

Tracy has been awarded many awards, has released 2 albums and 7 hit singles, and has been associated with 36 films. She became an American citizen in 2006 and she is at the top of the list for the Wealthiest British Comedians.