The Time

The Time

was formed in 1981 and was formed under a clause in Prince’s contract with Warner bros. The Record company allowed Prince to recruit and produce other groups for the label. He was inspired by the movie, Idolmaker, in 1980. The film was about a music promoter and producer named, Bob Marucci. Prince wanted to put together a funk, pop group that would be his pet project and he could use them as his outlet for future hits and material. In 1981 he had the group assembled from an existing funk group from Minneapolis, Minnesota. Flyte Tyme was the name of the group. The members were Jellybean Johnson (drummer), Jimmy Jam (keyboard), Monte Moir (keyboard), and Terry Lewis ((bass guitar player). He then added Jesse Johnson (guitar), and lead singer and one of his childhood friends, Morris Day, and also Jerome Benton, who was from the band, Enterprise.

The band released four albums during their career, and they were jam, rock, 1980's funk. They had numerous hits such as Get It Up, The Bird, Jungle Love, The walk, Cool, Gigolos Get Lonely Too, and 777-9311. The hits were mainly hits on the R&B charts in the 1980's. Some people blame the lead singer, Morris day for the group not getting any farther with their success. It was said that Day had a weak song writing ability and he was too self indulgent.

Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis began writing songs and producing in on their own1983. They worked with Solar to produce Klymaxx and produced with Tabu records to promote the S. O. S. Band. Jimmy and Terry had decided to move on to this after they were stranded in Atlanta because of a blizzard so they did not make it to a Time concert and they were fined and then fired because of it. Monte Moir also left the group and joined up with Jimmy and Terry. The Time group had replacements for these three and they were very successful with Prince’s Purple Rain film and the hit singles, Jungle Love, and The Bird, but they did not reap the rewards.

Day left next after some arguments with Prince. He chose to go solo and see what he could do with it. Jesse Johnson later also decided to go solo. After that, the band split up although three of the members, Benton, Johnson, and Peterson, reformed for a project called The Family, but the reunion was short lived. Jimmy and Terry went on to become one of the most successful producer and song writing teams of the 1980's and 1990's.

Benton and the six original six members of the group reunited in 1990 for the Graffitti Bridge movie and soundtrack, and also a new album called, Pandemonium from which came their hottest single of them all. It was called, Jerk Out, and it sold the most copies of any of their singles. The group had 4 albums and 11 singles during their career.