Rupert Holmes

Rupert Holmes

is an American and British composer and songwriter as well as an author of plays, novels, and stories. Rupert was born on February 24, 1947 in Northwich, Cheshire, England. Rupertís father was a Warrant Officer in the United States Army and also a bandleader. His mother was English and also had musical talent. When he was young the family moved to Nanuet, a New York City suburb in New York.

When Rupert was in his twenties, he was a session musician. He produced sessions, wrote, and arranged songs, sang, and played a few instruments. He wrote jingles and pop tunes for those such as Gene Pitney, The Platters, The Drifters and The Partridge family. Barbra Streisand recorded some of his songs which gained him popularity and she also used some of his songs in the film, A Star Is Born. The songs were taken from his album, Widescreen, which is on the Epic Record label. He went on to record albums and write songs for others.

In the 1980's and 1990's Rupert was also busy playing in cabarets and comedy clubs, mainly in New York City. In 1985 he showed his playwright talents with the debut Mystery of Edwin Drood.. He wrote a musical which was based on an unfinished novel by Charles Dickens. He won awards for this musical. His, Say Goodnight Gracie, was nominated for a Tony Award for Best Play 2003. Rupert not only wrote musicals and Broadway plays, he wrote the television series, Remember Wenn, which was written in 1996. He wrote all 64 episodes of it himself. In 2003, he wrote his first novel called Where the Truth Lies. In 2005 he followed it up with another novel called Swing. Swing was a combination of a novel and a music cd which provided clues to the mystery of the novel.

Rupert has released 16 albums which were, Widescreen (1974), Rupert Holmes (1975), Singles (1976), Pursuit of Happiness (1978), Partners In Crime (1979), Adventure (1980), Full Circle (1981), Billboard Top Hits (79), Scenario (1994), Epoch Collection (1994), Widescreen (1995), The Best of Rupert Holmes (1998), Rupert Holmes / Greatest Hits (2000), Widescreen - The Collectorís Edition (2001), Cast of Characters - The Rupert Holmes Songbook (2005), and The Mystery of Edwin Drood. He also wrote and co-produced, as well as played keyboard on the songs on the disco album, Shobizz, which was released By Capitol records in 1979.

Rupert wrote 12 plays for the theater and 7 films and television shows. He also wrote 3 novels. This is the story of a very busy man who has lived a very successful life. He will be remembered for many years to come.