was born, as Kennedy William Gordy, on March 15, 1964, in Detroit, Michigan. He is a former R&B singer and had a contract with Motown records label. Rockwell came into his talent honestly because he was the son of CEO Berry Gordy, the founder of Motown. He acquired his contract with Motown without his father’s knowledge to avoid any problems. The only hit that Rockwell had was, Somebody’s Watching me, and the guest vocal singers were Michael and Jermaine Jackson, his childhood friends. The song was a Top 10 hit in the U. K. And also in the United States. It was also a number 1 hit on the R&B Charts. His followup singles did not succeed so he ended his music career. A cover version of the song, Somebody’s watching Over me, was released by Beatfreakz, in the U. K. Hit number 3 on the U. K. Singles chart and it was also released by the band called Warmen.

Rockwell has a half sister named Rhonda Ross Kendrick, an actress, and also the daughter of Dianna Ross. Rockwell’s uncle Robert Gordy also released hits that reached the Top 100 charts in 1958. This hit was, Everyone Was There. He recorded under the name of Bob Kayli. Rockwell’s sister, Hazel, married Jermaine Jackson, brother of Michael Jackson, and member of the Jackson Five. Rockwell felt that he could persuade Michael to sing on it.

The albums released by Rockwell was Somebody’s Watching me (1984), Captured (1985), and The Genie (1986). The singles he released were, Somebody’s Watching Me (1983), He’s A Cobra (1984), Obscene Phone caller (1984), Foreign Country (1984), Taxman (1984), He’s A Cobra (1985), Peeping Tom (1985), Tokyo (1985), Carme’ (1986), Grow Up (1986), Carme’ / Somebody’s Watching Me (1986), and Girfriend (1991).

Another musician (Rockwell), belonged to the band, Danava, which is an American Rock band from Portland, Oregon. It was formed in 2003 by former Illinois members, Dusty Sparkles and Buck Rothy. In 2006 on Kemado Records, they released a one sided 12" EP which included the extended version of, Quiet Babies Astray in a Manger. They also released the album, Danava, the same year and toured with Witchcraft on their first United States tour. Members of the band were, Dusty Sparkles (guitar, vocal, and synthesizers), Dell Blackwell (bass), Buck Rothy (drums), and Rockwell (synthesizers). The band was not very successful as they only released two albums, Danava CD/LP, and Quiet Babies Astray in a Manger (2006).

Two different Rockwells in two different decades and neither made it to achieve much success. There are many musicians who do not release many songs or albums but will be remembered with just one or two song releases anyway by fans.