was born on January 22, 1965, in London, England. Andrew was the leader of the band Roachford, and they released their first successful hits called, Cuddly Toy (Feel For Me), and Family Man, in 1989. The group was formed in 1987 and they consist of Andrew Roachford (vocalist, keyboard, and percussion), Chris Taylor (drums), Hawi Gondwe (guitar), and derrick Taylor (bass). In 1988 the group began tours doing supporting acts for Terrence Trent DíArby and The Christians, and others. With his unusual form of music, he was the first musician to sign a seven album deal with Columbia Records. His music is still being released and going strong. The band had a string of successful albums and hits throughout the 1990's and is still releasing hits. He was recorded as Columbia recordís biggest selling group for ten years.

Andrew is a Soul man, musician, and a poet. With his style of music, he defies any specific category of music. He follows his own drum and provides listening pleasure for all of his faithful fans. He released his first solo album called Heart of the Matter, in 2003, and he released a second one, called Word of Mouth, in 2006. Andrew began touring in March to support his (Word of Mouth) album. He had a single hit, River of Love, which was released in February.

The singles that Andrew Roachford has released are, Cuddly Toy (1988), Find Me Another Love (1988), Cuddly Toy (1989), Family Man (1989), Kathleen (1989), Get ready! (1991), Only To Be With You (1994), Lay Your Love On Me (1994), This generation (1994), Cry For me (1994), I Know You Donít Love me (1995), The Way I Feel (1997), How Could I? (1998), Naked Without You (1998), and River of Love (2006).

The albums he released with his band are, Roachford (1988), Get ready! (1991), Permanent Shade of Blue (1994), Feel (9197), and The Roachford Files (2000). His solo albums are Heart of the Matter (2003), and Word of Mouth (2006).

Andrew Roachford is one among many musicians who had their own style of music. Many of them have gone on to be successful and some not so successful. It take persistence, stamina, self esteem, patience and knowing or meeting the right people along with great talent to make it in the music industry. There are many great singers in the world but not many have the pleasure of becoming successful like Roachford and others who have. If you are determined to be successful and know you are good and have what it takes, do not give up. Begin in the bars, talent contests, and anywhere you can sing and get yourself exposed to the talent scouts. Many people have moved to Nashville or California so they can get the right exposure they need.