Peter Gabriel

Peter Gabriel

was born as Peter Brian Gabriel, on February 13, 1950, in Cobham, Surrey, England. Peter is an English musician and first gained fame as a lead vocalist and flute player, of the rock group known as Genesis. After he left Genesis, he pursued his solo career. He was very successful as a solo artist.

Peter came from a musical family as his mother was from a musically inclined family. His father was an electrical engineer. His mother taught him how to play the piano at a very young age. He went to a private preparatory school called, Cable House, which was in Woking, Surrey, and from there went to Charterhouse School in 1963.

Peter was the founder of Genesis in 1967, along with schoolmates, Tony Banks, Anthony Phillips, Mike Rutherford, and Chris Stewart. Peter loved soul music and was influenced a lot by Otis Redding and other soul musicians. He played the flute on the Cat Stevens’ album called, Mona Bone Jakon, in 1970. Peter had numerous costumes he used on stage, also the stories he told before each song, this helped him gain attention when he was performing. He became popular in England, Italy, Belgium, Germany, and other European countries. Phil Collins became the lead singer for Genesis after Peter left the group. Peter left the band for several reasons, there was tension among the members because of Peter’s stature as a lead singer and the attention that Peter got because of his costumes. Peter was also doing most of the writing of the lyrics for their songs. Peter left the band when his wife had a difficult pregnancy which led to both of them needing care. Peter opted to stay with them instead of touring again with the group.

Peter released his first solo single, Solsbury Hill, and it was written about his departure from Genesis. He did not name his first 4 solo albums so they just had ‘Peter Gabriel’ on them with different cover art. The albums were labeled differently to distinguish them from each other. They were I, II, III, which were referred to as Car, Scratch, and Melt. The fourth album was also called Peter Gabriele in the U. K,. was titled, Security, in the U. S. Peter continued to use short words as titles to his releases.

Peter went for five years without releasing anything new and in 2000 he came back with OVO, which was a soundtrack for the live Millennium Dome Show, in London, and Long Walk Home, in 2002. Peter released a total of 3 soundtracks, 23 films which contained his music in them. Peter still performs and records ans not showing any signs of quitting any time soon.