Julie Brown

Julie Brown

was born on August 31, 1962 in Van Nuys, California. She attended a Catholic school in her early years, Van Nuys High School and Los Angeles College. In 1983 she married writer and actor, Terrence McNally. The marriage lasted for 6 years. She married Ken Rathjen in 1994 and they have one son. Julie is an American comic, singer, songwriter, actress, and screenwriter. She is best known for her work in the 1980's when she played as a valley girl. She often made fun of different famous people in her acts. Unlike others where they often made fun of artists that they liked, she made fun of those whom she felt did not deserve the stardom they had received. Some of those were Madonna and the Wilson Phillips trio. She did stand up comedy. She attacks those whom she feels are undeserving of the fame.

Lily Tomlin noticed Julie at a comedy club and gave her the break she needed. She was given a part in the 1981 film, The Incredible Shrinking Woman. More movies followed for Julie and she and Lily eventually became good friends. Julie also co-produced her first single, I Like ‘Em Big and Stupid, with her first husband, Terrence mcNalley.

In 1984 Julie released her first EP album called Goddess In Progress. It was a five song album and consisted of popular 80's music combined with her valley girl personality. In 1987 she released her first full length album called, Trapped In the Body of A White Girl. There were also videos released and they received a lot of air time on MTV.

In 1989 Julie starred in the comedy, Just Say Julie, which was a cable television comedy. Her career peaked in 1989 when she appeared in the film, Earth Girls Are easy. The film was written, produced, and starred by Julie herself. Others who starred in the film were geena Davis, Jeff Goldblum and unknown comedians (at that time), Jim Carrey and Damon Wayans.

Julie continued to make appearances and also did the voices of some cartoon characters, one of which was for Animaniacs. She was Coach Millie Stoegar in the hit film, Clueless. She was also the writer, producer, and director of the television series, Clueless which aired from 1996 to 1999. She also created the series, Strip Mall which ran for 2 seasons. Julie was still performing in 2005. She purchased the rights back ( from the record label company) to her album, Trapped, and re-released it herself. She also re-released the single, I Want To Be Gay.

You can find more information about Julie Brown online by doing a search on the search engines. There is a good chance that she has her own website as most celebrities and artists do.