The Cure

The Cure

is an English rock band which was formed in 1976, in Crawley, Sussex. The group has changed lineup members several times during their musical career. The frontman is Robert Smith, who is a guitar player and also the main songwriter for the group. He has a pale complexion and is known for his wild hair style, and smudged lipstick.

The beginning of The Cure was a band formed by students at Notre dame Middle School in Crawley, Sussex. The band was then called, The Obelisk. The band made itís debut in a performance in April, 1973. The members were Robert Smith (piano player), Michael Dempsey (guitar), Laurence (Lol) Tolhurst (percussion), Marc Ceccagno (lead guitar player), and Alan Hill (bass guitar). In January 1976, left to form a jazz - rock fusion band called Amulet. The members who were left in the Malice band became known as Easy Cure. The band won a talent contest that same year with the Hansa Records label and received a recording contract. They recorded tracks for the company but they were never released. The contract was dissolved in 1978. Thompson was dropped from the group in May and the trio that remained became The Cure.

Members of The Cure were young and barely out of their teens when they began singing and releasing music in the 1970's. Their first album was called Three Imaginary Boys. The album along with their early singles put them in the group of post punk and New Wave movements which had sprung up in the U. K. The band released, Pornography, in 1982 and after that their future was uncertain. Robert Smith wanted to get past the reputation the band had made with their single, Letís Go To Bed. Smith began to put more pop style into their music. Their popularity increased in the next few years and their songs, Just Like heaven, Lovesong, and Friday Iím In Love, reached the Billboard Top 40 charts. The Cure was one of the most popular alternative rock bands by the beginning of the 1990's. The band has sold over 27 million albums up to 2004. They have released 12 studio albums and over 30 singles, plus they have another album in the works.

That same year the trio recorded their first sessions as a trio at the Chestnut Studios in Sussex and they were distributed to major record labels. Talent scout, Chris Perry, heard the demo and signed the trio to his new Fiction label and distributed the releases by Polydor in 1978. The band released their debut single, Killing An Arab, on the Small Wonder label in December, 1978. The song cause some controversy because some felt they were being racist. The song also gained some success and positive attention.

Their debut album, Three Imaginary Boys, released in 1979. Seventeen Seconds was their second album was released in 191980 and made it to number 20 on the charts in the U. K.. Their first hit single in the U. K., A Forest, reached number 31 on the singles chart. There have been other hit singles since then. The group are writing and recording new material for a new album to be released in 2008.