Climie Fisher

Climie Fisher

was a combo duo consisting of Simon Fisher and Rob Fisher. The duo was a pop duo which was formed by Simon Climie who was a vocalist. Rob Fisher was the former keyboard player for the group, Naked Eyes. Simon Climie was born on April 7, 1960 and Rob Fisher was born on November 5, 1956. Climie Fishers best known hit single was, Love Changes Everything, and it reached number 2 on the charts in 1987 in the U. K. And number 23 in the United States. They did the remix of, Rise To the Occasion, in 1987. This was the hip hop version and it was the breakthrough hit for them and reached number 10.

One half of the duo, Rob fisher died on August 25, 1999 from surgery for bowel cancer. Simon Climie went on to become a producer for recording artists such as Louise and MN8. He was also a co-writer and musician on some of the recent albums of Eric Clapton. The group, Half Man Half Biscuit, recorded a song which was a made up tale about a feud between Climie and Fisher, and named it, The Ballad of Climie Fisher. The song is on the album, Trouble Over Bridgewater.

The albums recorded by the duo in their short career are Everything and Coming In For The Kill. Songs on the album Everything, are Love Changes Everything, Rise To The Occasion, I Wonít Bleed For You, Room To Move, Precious Moment, This Is Me, Never Let A Chance Go By, Bite The Hand That Feeds, Break The Silence, and Keeping The Mystery Alive. The songs on the album, Coming In For The Kill, are Facts Of Love, Fire On The Ocean, Itís Not Supposed To Be That Way, Hold On Through The Night, Buried Treasure, Power Of The Dreamworld, The Best Part Of Living, Donít Mess Around, You Keep Me Coming Back For More, and Memories.

The singles released by the duo are Love Changes Everything, Keeping The Mystery Alive, Rise To The Occasion, This Is Me, I Wonít Bleed For You, Love Like A River, Facts Of Love, Fire On The Ocean, and Itís Not Supposed To Be That Way. These songs were released from 1987 and up to 1990. Although their career as the Climie Fisher duo was cut short, the duo will be remembered by many for a long time to come. It is hard to tell what their future would have brought had Rob Fisher not passed away so suddenly.

The duoís album, Everything, was number 14 in U. K. and number 1 in South Africa. Their album, Coming In For The Kill, was number 35 in the U. K. And number 6 in South Africa.