Top 80s Music

The top 80s music is a wide variety of genres because in the 80s there was a big change and many different styles of rock music was invented.. There was a big movement when the artists began to use electronic keyboards, synthesizers, and drum machines. Some of the many different styles of rock music was college rock, hard rock, soft rock, heavy metal, R&B, rap, disco, hardcore punk, hip hop, thrash metal, Indie rock, and more. The music charts had different charts for the different genres of music instead of just the rock and roll chart. The 80's is also known as the MTV Generation. MTV was invented and aired on a cable television station. MTV aired the music videos which were recorded for the artists songs. Many artists were not even known until their music videos were shown. Others had more air time and the support they got from their music videos being aired helped them succeed even more than they were already.

Some of the most popular songs for the 80's were, Another One Bites the Dust (by Queen), Celebration (by Kool & the Gang), All Out of Love (by Air Supply), Call Me (by Blondie), Hit Me With Your Best Shot (by Pat Benatar, Every Breath You Take (by The Police), Eye of the Tiger (by Survivor), I Want To Know What Love Is (by Foreigner), Jump (by Van Halen), Sweet Child O Mine (by Guns N Roses), and many more.

The Top 10 Solo Artists for the 80's are, Michael Jackson, Phil Collins, Peter Gabriel, Lionel Richie, George Michael, Don Henley, Belinda Carlisle, Sting, Stevie Nicks, and Kenny Loggins. There were many successful artists in the 1980's and there were many who tried and failed. The success or failure of an artist depends on many factors. Many of the artists begin at the bottom and practice in their homes or garages. They move on to performing in school functions and local clubs. Many of the artists move to a big city where they can get more exposure and hope to be discovered by a talent scout for the big recording companies. There are many recording companies and some artists will record demos and send them to radio stations and recording companies in hopes that they can get air time on the radio and also get noticed by some recording company so they can sign a recording deal with one.

Some more of the top songs for the eighties were, Billy Jean, Into the Groove, Super freak Part I, Beat It, Funkytown, Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This), Dont You Want Me, Tainted Love, Like A Virgin, Blue Monday, When Doves Cry, What I Like About You, Push It, Celebration, Flashdance, and many more.

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