Top 20 80s Music Videos

The top 20 rock music videos of the 80s according to, was a variety of music. There was heavy metal, R&B, rock, etc., in the list.

The list is:
1. Closer (by Nine Inch Nails)
2. The Number of the Beast (by Iron Maiden)
3. Blind Melon: Nor Rain (by Blind Melon)
4. Sweet Child O Mine (by Guns N Roses)
5. Welcome To the Jungle (by Guns N Roses)
6. Bon Jovi: Wanted Dead or Alive (by Bon Jovi)
7. Thriller (by Michael Jackson)
8. Anyone At All (by Soundtrack)
9. Like A Virgin (by Madonna)
10. Eurythmics: Sweet Dreams Are Made of This (by Eurythmics)
11. Joan Jett: I Love Rock N Roll (by Joan Jett)
12. Cyndi Lauper: Time After Time (by Cyndi Lauper)
13. Billie Jean (by Michael Jackson)
14. Madonna: Erotica (by Madonna)
15. Stone Temple Pilots: Interstate Love Song (by Stone Temple Pilots)
16. ZZ Top: Doubleback (by ZZ Top)
17. ZZ Top: Breakaway (by ZZ Top)
18. Genesis: Illegal Alien (by Genesis)
19. Ozzy Ozbourne: Perry Mason (by Ozzy Osbourne)
20. Genesis: Mama (by Genesis)

The top 20 80s music videos may be totally different in others eyes. There may be a combination of jazz, country, rock, and more if every category of music was included in the choosing of the list. There are many music groups which were very popular in the 80s and much of the music still lives today. The rock music was split into many different categories so the rock and roll as we knew it in the 60s and 70 was totally different. There was rap, hard rock, soft rock, college rock, heavy metal, heartland rock, thrash metal, hip hop, New Wave, New Wave of British Heavy Metal, synth pop, and more.

There were new instruments used along with the guitars and drums, in the 80s and this is what brought about some of the new sounds. The new instruments used were synthesizers, electric keyboards, and drum machines. The instruments gave the music a more electric sound. Music like hard rock and heavy metal was not only more a electric sound but it was also a very loud sound. A lot of the music was hard to understand because the music was so loud, one could hardly hear the lyrics, or they were doing more yelling than singing, so it was hard to understand what the singers were saying. There was also a lot of bad language used in some of the music and lyrics about killing, suicide, cults, demons, stealing, drinking drugs, and other bad influences on the listeners. Many parents did not want their children listening to some of the hard rock, heavy metal, and rap music.

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