The 80s Music

There are millions of people worldwide who are big fans of the of 80s style music. There were also many styles of music invented in the 80's as well as many new dances to fit the music styles. Some of the many styles of music were, hip hop, rap (such as gangsta rap), New Wave, hard rock, soft rock, heavy metal (such as thrash metal, New Wave of British Heavy Metal, and hair metal), college rock, and synth pop. New instruments were added to the band to change the tunes to a more electric sound. The instruments were synthesizers, electric keyboards, and drum machines. Much of the music was louder and the lyrics became more vulgar and political, and cult like. Many parents did not want their children listening to some of the music because they felt like it was having a bad influence on them. Many of the rap and heavy metal songs included lyrics about the devil, killing, stealing, drugs, alcohol and other violent or negative thoughts that the parents felt were not appropriate for their children to listen to. These styles of music were a big change from the rock and roll of the 50's, 60's, and 70's.

Some of the new dances invented to fit these styles of songs of the 80's were disco, funky twist, Pac Man, lockin’, tickin’,wavin’, break dancing, poppin’, new kids move, moonwalk, cabbage patch, robo cop, roger rabbit, and running man. These dances were also a big change from the 50's, 60', and 70's.

Music videos were also a big addition to the 80's music era. Artists were recording music videos and television shows such as MTV and VH-1, as well as some small shows, aired the music videos and the public ate it up. Many artists became successful because of the music videos and other artists became even more successful because of them. More people were buying compact discs instead of the vinyl records so the vinyl records were fazed out. Cassettes and 8 track tapes were released and they became very popular. The 80's was an era which brought about many changes and not all of them were good.

Some of the most popular 80's music and artists are still alive and well today. People who loved the 80's music are keeping it alive by following their favorite artists and buying their new albums. The top 8 artists of the 80's are, Michael Jackson, Madonna, Prince, Whitney Houston, The Police, U2, R.E.M., and John Mellencamp.

The Top 8 albums of the 80's are, Thriller (Michael Jackson), Like A Virgin (Madonna), Born In the USA (Bruce Springsteen), Purple Rain (Prince), Shining Star (The Manhattans), Fame (Irene Cara), and Just Like Starting Over (John Lennon).

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