Streaming 80s Music

Streaming 80s music can be done very easily on the internet. There are many websites where a person can go and begin streaming all of their favorite 80's music. You can pick and choose the songs you want by the artists you want, and in whatever order you want them to be. You can do a quick search on a search engine and find many sites where you can download the music you want without the need to download it all. Just pick the songs you want and there you go. Enjoy the music online or download it to your computer, MP3 player, or on some other device. Or you can just pick out the songs you want to listen to and then listen to them while you are surfing the net, reading email, or working online. There are some free sites to choose the music from and there are also some which charge a fee to download them.

There are many different styles of music which was invented in the 80's and there seemed to be a style or a few styles to suit every want or need. Some of the new styles of music invented in the 80's were, hard rock, soft rock, college rock, heartland rock, gangsta rap, post punk, hip hop, pop, heavy metal, funk, hair metal, thrash metal, death metal, (many other styles of metal), synth pop, New Wave, New Wave of British Heavy Metal, and many more. Many of the new styles contained loud music along with a lot of screaming, yelling, and howling, along with vulgar language and lyrics which were not acceptable to many people. The lyrics contained subjects about killing (even cop killing), stealing, suicide, sex, demons, devils, drugs, alcohol, and more. Many bands also dressed in weird costumes and had stage props which were not suitable for kids to see. Many parents did not want their kids listening to this sort of music and they felt that it was a bad influence on them. In some cases when a child became unruly, performed a criminal act, or committed suicide, the parents blamed the music for the cause of it. Whether it was or not was yet to prove but the parents knew it was a bad influence on the kids. The music was teaching the kids just the opposite of what the parents and society was trying to teach them. The kids had a hard time distinguishing right from wrong because of the music.

Not all of the 80's music was bad. There were many successful artists such as Whitney Houston, Madonna, and others who had hits that were very popular and well received in public. There were also many new dances invented to fit the new 80's music styles.

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