Stereotypical 80s Music

The 80s music can not be said to be stereotypical. There might have been some stereotypical 80's music but most of it was not. There were many new styles of music invented in the 1980's and many of the artists had their own style. The new instruments introduced in this era were the electric keyboards, synthesizers, and the drum machines. These instruments, when used along with the classic guitars and other instruments normally used, could produce many different sounds and they did. Artists would experiment with many different ways until they found the style that fit them and one that they were comfortable with. Some of the artists would perform several styles and some were very successful with each style they did. Others were not so successful and settled for just one style of music.

Some of the many new styles of the 80's were, heavy metal, hard rock, college rock, heartland rock, hair rock, thrash rock, death metal, post punk, hip hop, gangsta rap, indie rock, New Wave, New Wave of British heavy metal, synth pop, disco, funk, and more. It seemed that there was a new style of music for nearly every personality out there.

There was some of the music which did not sit well with some people. There were many parents and legislators on Capitol Hill who did not like the loud music which contained the vulgar language and things like killing, stealing, sex, demons, devils, cults, suicide, drugs, alcohol, and more negative subjects in them. They protested and worked to at least get this music labeled so it could be distinguished between it and the music which was ok to listen to. Many parents die not want their kids listening to the music but it was impossible to prevent it. There was no way to ban the music because of things like freedom of speech, etc. but it was not accepted in many households.

There were also many dances invented to fit the new styles of music of the 80's. Some of them were disco, Cabbage Patch, Robo Cop, Roger Rabbit, Running Man, Poppin’, Break dancing, the Moonwalk, Funky twist, New Kids Move, Dirty dancing, Wavin’, Tickin’, Lockin’, and more. There were videos which could be purchased which would teach you how to do these dances so when you went out in public, you were up to date with the latest moves. Christy Lane was one of the popular videos that could be purchased. It was very easy to learn the dances this way and to have fun with your friends as well. Everyone could meet after school and learn the dances together.

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