Slow Music 80s

Slow 80s music was a style in its own. You could sway to the music from your favorite collection of artists such as Air Supply, Chris DeBurgh, Forengner, The Cars, Simply Red, and many more. Some of the many slow songs of the 80's were:

The One That You Love (by Air Supply), The Lady In Red (by Chris DeBurgh), At This Moment (by Billy Vera and the Beaters), Waiting For A Girl Like You (by Foreigner), When Iím With You (by Sherrif), True (by Spandau Ballet), Drive (The Cars), One On One (by Daryl Hall & John Oates), Holding Back the Years (by Simply Red), Angel Eyes (by Jeff Healey Band), How Can I Fall? (By Breathe), Iív Been In Love Before (by Cutting Crew), Ooo La La La (by Teena Marie), Falling (by Melba Moore), Love Song (by Midnight Star), You Canít Stop the Rain (Loose Ends), Imagination (by Miki Howard), You Just Donít Know (by Phyllis Hyman), Kisses Donít Lie (by Evelyn ĎChampagneí King), Condition of the Heart (by Iíll Take the Whole World On (by Ashford & Simpson), Show Me (by Glenn Jones), Tease Me (Gary Taylor), In the Mood (by The Whispers).

Slow music has long been considered to be the music for lovers and that hasnít changed over the years. The body movements and swaying makes the couple feel very close together and they are not only close but they can tell if there are any vibes or electricity there. Slow music is the romantic music and will probably always be around.

There were many new music styles invented in the 80s and very few of them were slow. The inventing of the new styles was brought about by the use of the new instruments along with the classic guitars, etc.. The instruments were the electric keyboards, drum machines, and the synthesizers. The use of these instruments made a completely different sound to what we knew as rock and roll in the 50's, 60's, and 70's. Rock and roll would never be the same again. Many artists created their own unique sound and many new styles of music were invented because of it. Some of the new styles of music were, heavy metal, hair metal, thrash metal, post punk, pop, hip hop, gangsta rap, college rock, New Wave, New Wave of British Heavy Metal, death metal, heartland rock, and more.

There was a lot of the new 80's music that was not received well because it was too loud and obnoxious, and the lyrics of the songs (if you could understand or hear them above the roar of the music) contained vulgar language, and lyrics about death, killing, stealing, drugs, alcohol, suicide, and other topics that the parents of young kids did not want their kids listening to. Many parents and legislators on Capitol Hill protested the music and worked to get this kind of music labeled so they could distinguish it from the music which was fit to listen to.

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