Roxy Music 80s

Roxy Music of the 80s was a group which got the attention of a lot of people. The group evolved from the late 60's art movement and had fashion, glamour, cinema, pop art, and avant-garde. These traits were what separated it from other music groups. The members of the band were dressed in bizarre costumes and the group played experimental variations of rock music, somewhere between avant-garde and pop styles. After a few years the group had developed a sort of soul pop style and became very successful by the early 80s. There had been some tension between Bryan Ferry and Brian Eno early on and by this time, Bryan Ferry left the group tp pursue a solo career.

Bryan Ferry (vocals and keyboard player) was the son of a coal miner. Graham Sim0pson was a bass player and between the two they formed their own band in the late 1970's. They recruited Andy Mackay (sax player) and also recruited Brian Eno. They also recruited Paul Thompson (drummer), and guitarist Davy O List, but the latter two did not stay with the group for long. In 1972, Davy was replaced with Phil Manzanera, and just before recording their first album, Simpson also left the group and he was never permanently replaced. The group hired a new bass player for each recording and tour.

The group was signed with King Crimson record label and produced by Peter Sinfield. Their music reached the British Top ten in the summer of 1972. A little while later they released an LP single called, Virginia Plain, and it reached the British Top Ten also. Their next single called, Pyjamarama, also reached the Top Ten shortly after the previous one. Their music was greeted in the U. K. With the release of their, For Your Pleasure, but they had trouble getting anything to make a hit in the U. S.. The group released their first number one album in the U. K., in 1973 called, Stranded. This album was better received in the U. S. And it was followed with the release of, Country Life, in late 1974. This one was the first one to be a hit in the U. S.. The group then released their album called, Siren, and from it came their first Top 40 American hit called, Love Is the Drug.

After their release of, Siren, the group began to work on solo projects. Manzanera formed a prog-rock band called, 801. Mackay and Ferry began recording albums, and in 1976 they announced that Roxy Music was temporarily splitting up. Their live album called, Viva Roxy Music, was released just after the group split up. The group reunited in 1978 and had a few new lineup members. The group ended as a group after their tour for their album, Avalon. In 1985 they again split to pursue solo careers.

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