Popular 80s Music

Popular 80s music came in a big variety of styles because the 80's changed rock and roll as we used to know it back in the 50's, 60's, and 70's. There were many new styles of music in the 80's which took the place of the rock and roll we were used to. New instruments were added to the mix and this had a lot to do with the change. The electric keyboards, drum machines, and synthesizers were added to or replaced the usual guitars, drums, horns, and pianos.

The new styles of music included, New wave, New Wave of British heavy metal, hard rock, gangsta rap, post punk, hair metal, thrash metal, synth pop, college rock, heartland rock, and more. Many parents did not approve of the hard rock, heavy metal, and rap music because it was not only loud and obnoxious, the lyrics in the songs were not appropriate for children to listen to and the teens and pre-teens were exactly the ones who were listening to it. The music talked about killing, sex, drugs, alcohol, stealing, suicide, demons, devil worshiping, anti-God, and contained a lot of foul language. The parents of the kids banned their kids from listening to the music in their homes but the kids sneaked around and listened to it anyway. The parents and the legislators on Capitol Hill fought against the music and tried to get the recording companies to label their music with warning labels so everyone knew which music was appropriate and which wasnít.

The 80's is also known to some as The MTV Generation., If not for MTV airing 80's artists music videos, some of them would never have been known or became successful like the did. Others who were already successful became even more successful because of their exposure on MTV and VH-1 and other television shows that aired the music videos. The more air exposure they got the more successful some became. MTV was a very popular cable station I which began in the 80's Many kids would hurry home after school just to watch the show. The show was not unlike the attention that The American Bandstand got from kids back in the 60's. The American Bandstand aired live famous rock and roll artists, and dancing.

Some of the most popular music and artists of the 80's Billie jean (Michael Jackson), Into the Groove (Madonna), Super Freak Part I (Rick James), Beat It (Michael Jackson), Funkytown (Lipps Inc., Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This) (Eurythmics), Donít You Want Me? (Human League), Tainted Love (Soft Cell), Like A Virgin (Madonna), Blue Monday (New Order).

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