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Anyone can play 80s music by just tuning in on one of the many radio stations that play the classic rock and roll or those that play strictly 80's music. Some of the stations go a step further and play only one style of 80's music. The 80's brought about many new styles of music and dances. Some of them were hard rock, heavy metal, disco, post punk, college rock, heartland rock, thrash metal, New Wave of British heavy metal, synth pop, and more.

There are also many websites which have listening available so their members can listen to 80's music online. They can listen to the music while they surf the net, read their email, or even while working online. Many of the sites have their music available to download onto your computer, mp3 player, or other device. There are some sites which have free downloads and others which require a fee. You can purchase CDs of your favorite 80's music online from many websites. Each individual artist sometimes has their own website and the music can be found there also. The history and other information of the artists can be found on many websites and a quick search on one of the search engines will get you a long list of them.

There are still many listeners of the 80's music and there are many new compilation albums being released so the music can live on and so the fans of the 80's music can fill in their collections the missing songs they always wanted. There were many artists and groups of the 80's which were very successful and there were many wanna’ be’s who did not succeed. The 80's music was in great controversy because of the heavy metal, rap, and hard rock music. Much of this music was not only loud, but it had many disputable lyrics in it. There were lyrics about drugs, alcohol, killing, stealing, foul language, sex, demons, devil worshiping, and other negative subjects that the parents had a hard time accepting. The parents did not want their children listening to the music and many of the children went behind the parents back and listened to it anyway. The era was a time of fear because it was hard on the parents to discipline their children and they feared that the music would be a big influence on their children and teach them just the opposite of what they were trying to instill in their children. Many suicides and killings were blamed on the influence of the music.

A few of the top songs and artists of the 80's were, Billie Jean (Michael Jackson), Into the Groove (Madonna), Super Freak Part I (Rick James), Beat It (Michael Jackson), Funkytown (Lipps Inc.), Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This) (Eurythmics), and many more.

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