Music That was Played in the 80s

Music that was played in the 80s consisted of a wide variety of styles. The 80's was the beginning of a whole new rock and roll style than what the public was used to. This changed the music industry completely. There were more instruments used that had not been used before. They were electric keyboards, drum machines, and synthesizers. The different styles of music were accompanied by new dances to fit each one. The new styles of music were, New wave, New Wave of British heavy metal, hair metal, thrash metal, gangsta rap, hip hop, post punk, disco, college rock, synth pop, heartland rock (sometimes referred to as soft rock), and more. Some of the many dances which were invented to fit the music was, tickiní, lockiní, waviní, poppiní, Pac Man, break dancing, new kids move, funky twist, the moonwalk, Cabbage Patch, Robo Cop, Roger rabbit, and running man, plus more.

Some of the heavy metal, rap, and hard rock was not appreciated by the parents of teens and young kids. They felt that the music was too loud and obnoxious and the lyrics should not have been released. The lyrics to many of the songs were about sex, drugs, alcohol, killing, stealing, suicide, demons, devil worshiping, and contained fouls language that the parents did not want their children to be exposed to. Many parents forbade their kids from listening to the music but it was impossible to keep them from listening to it elsewhere. There were protests against the music and the parents fought to get the records properly labeled so they could tell which music was appropriate for their families and which was not. The legislators also fought the issue on Capitol Hill. Today some stores refuse to sell the music that is not appropriate for children to listen to. In some cases the music is released in two formats, one in the original condition, and the other in an edited condition.

A lot of the artists and their music got a lot of exposure from their music being aired on the new MTV and VH-1, and other small television shows which played the musicians music videos. The music videos and MTV came together and they were one of the most important ways for the artist to promote their music from then on.

Some of the most popular music of the 80's was, Billy Jean (by Michael Jackson), Beat It (Michael Jackson), Like A Virgin (Madonna), Celebration (Kool and the Gang), Iím Coming Out (Diana Ross), Iím So Excited (The Pointer Sisters), Wild Thing (Tone Loc), Whip It! (DEVO), Karma Chameleon (Culture Club), and many more.

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