Music of the 80s

The music of the 80s was unique and had a big variety in the styles. There were new ideas for lyrics and new instruments added with the original guitars, pianos, and drums. There were electric keyboards, synthesizers, and drum machines. The instruments were not the only big change in the music. The lyrics of songs became more open as far as vulgar language, violence, rage, and other cult like lyrics. Many of the subjects of the lyrics were also political and rebellious. The sound became louder and some was obnoxious, and drugs and alcohol a big influence on a lot of people during this era. Hairstyles and clothing also took a big turn and were in some opinions, very outlandish and hard to look at. Many kids rebelled against their parents at this time and some of the music and the lyrics in them was said to be the cause of it. Parents had a much harder time controlling their teens.

The 80's era was not all bad because there were many very big hits during this time. Singers like Madonna, Michael Jackson, U2, and many others were very successful. There were also some hard rock artists who were successful too because there were different styles of music to fit the whims of the people. There were many different styles of music in the 1980's. Along with the usual country, soul, jazz, classical, and religious, there came the New Wave, gangsta rap, hair metal, college rock, synth pop profile, heartland rock, new wave of British heavy metal, thrash metal, and post punk.

There were many different reasons for the wide variety of music styles. Many artists were trying out their wings to see how they could make a music style to fit them and also to draw the attention of the public too. Many wanted to express their opinions through their music and they wanted to reach the world with their expressions and protests, etc.

Some of the websites where you can find more information about the 80's music are,,, and There are many websites where you can find information and history on the 80's music and the artists of that era. Many of the artists are still performing today. There are also websites where you can listen to any of the 80's songs you want. The 1980's era of pop music was definitely a big change in style and it has influenced many people. There are many people who still love the 80's style of music and listen to is regularly. The 1960's rock music was a big influence on people during itís time and the 80's was a big influence on another generation of people.

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