Music Groups in the 80s

The music groups in the 80s were not the usual music groups that the public was used to in the original rock and roll style of music. The 80's was the beginning of many New Wave styles of music and there were many new dances to fit the new styles of music. There were many new groups of musicians in this new era. Some of the music styles were loud and considered to be obnoxious by some and other styles were a more mellow or soft style of rock music. Some of the new styles were, heavy metal, thrash metal, New Wave of British heavy metal, New Wave, gangsta rap, college rock, synth pop, heartland rock, post punk, hip hop, and more.

There were groups who performed a specific style of music and other groups performed more than one style or combined them. Some of the heavy metal groups were, Quiet Riot, Cinderella, Guns N Roses, Poison, and Motley Crue, are just a few. 80's heavy metal was very controversial because the lyrics of the music contained bad language and talked about stealing, killing, suicide, sex, drugs, alcohol, demons, devil worshiping, and more negative things that parents did not want their kids exposed to. Some parents of kids who committed suicide or committed a crime, blamed the event on the music.

There were many music groups of the 80's who were successful and many didnít get very far. Some were popular for a few years then split up for one reason or another. Many of the groups gained their success because of the appearance of the music videos and MTV. MTV aired the artists and groupsí music videos on television and this turned out to be one of the best forms of exposure for the groups. Many groups who were already successful were made even more successful with their music videos aired on television.

The new 80's sound was brought about by the use of new instruments. Added to the guitars, horns, pianos, and drums, came the synthesizers, electric keyboards, and drum machines. The 80's music radically changed the music industry forever. Artists such as Madonna and Michael Jackson, as well as many others, transformed format of the music into a huge business. Thanks to MTV, more artists were exposed where they might not have been known at all otherwise.

Some of the music groups of the 80's were, Haircut 100, DEVO, Poison, Motley Crue, Quiet Riot, The Pointer Sisters, U2, Guns N Roses, Cinderella, ForeignerJ. Geils band, The Police, Survivor, R. E. M., Crowded House, The Church, INXS, Men At Work, Little River Band, Hoodoo Gurus, Nick Cave & The bad Seeds, The S. O. S. Band, A-Ha, Culture Club, The B-52s, After the Fire, Dead or Alive, and many more.

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