Music Artists From the 80s

The music artists from the 80s were a new breed because they brought about many completely new styles of music. Gone was the rock and roll as we knew it and hello to the New Wave styles like, heavy metal, New Wave of British Heavy Metal, hard rock, hip hop, funky rock, synth pop, college rock, hair metal, thrash metal, gangsta rap, heartland rock, and post punk, plus more. There seemed to be a style of music for nearly every personality there was. There was a style of music to fit everyone. Some of the styles were not favored well with the parents of teens and young kids. The heavy metal, rap, and hard rock was many times about killing, suicide, stealing, drugs, alcohol, demons, devil worshiping, violence, suicide, bad language, and more. The parents felt that the music was loud, obnoxious and bad lyrics were not what they wanted their kids to listen to. They felt that the music was a bad influence on their kids and would undo all that they had tried to teach the kids as far as what was right and what was wrong in life. How the kids could even understand some of the lyrics because of the music being so loud, was beyond some parents comprehension.

There were many successful music artists and groups who performed 80's music in one style or another. There were many who were successful and many were not successful. Some of the artists were only around for a few years and others are still performing today. Some took breaks over the years and might not surface for a few years in between their recordings or tours. There were some artists who never toured but recorded in studios and released their music. Some artists did not feel comfortable in the public eye and would not perform in public. This may or may not have hurt their careers, one can only speculate.

The beginning of music videos and MTV brought about a lot of positive exposure for the artists of the 80's and many of them became popular and successful because of the airtime they got on MTV. Other artists who were already successful became even more successful because of the exposure they got on MTV and other television shows who played their music videos.

Some of the most popular artists of the 80's were, Michael Jackson, Madonna, Men At Work, Thomas Dolby, Prince, Donna Summer, Diana Ross, The Pointer Sisters, Marcia Griffiths, Rick James, Tone Loc, Guns N Roses, Irene Cara, The Romantics,Shannon, Billy Idol, Irene Cara, Sheila E., DEVO, Dead or Alive, Rick Springfield, Whitney Houston, After the Fire, The S. O. S. Band, The Police, and many more.

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