Livestream 80s Music

Some of the Livestream 80s music was music played by, Return To the Pit (RTTP)( a rock radio station on 91.3 FM WUNH radio), for example, and was classified as a Death metal, hardcore, Black Metal, grindcore, and aggressive/ loud rock station.

There were also many other radio stations across the country which played these styles of music. These styles of music were just a few of the many new styles which were invented in the 80's when rock and roll made a big change and split into many new styles of music. These particular styles along with heavy metal, thrash metal, rap, and some other styles, were not accepted by many people. It seemed that most of the fans of these styles of music were mixed up in drugs, alcohol, or were involved in a lot of crimes, etc. The lyrics of many of these styles of music often contained vulgar language, was loud and obnoxious, made no sense, and the lyrics often were about stealing, killing (even killing cops), demons, devils, cult like lyrics, drugs, suicide, alcohol, and anything else negative which the public did not want their children to hear. Many parents in the 80s protested against the music and the legislators on Capitol Hill worked to get the producers of this type of music, to at least label the music so people could distinguish it from the music which was ok to listen to. Some children committed suicide and committed crimes and the parents blamed it on the influence of the music. Although many parents forbade their children from listening to this type of music, they did it anyway.

There are plenty of styles of music invented in the 80's which was acceptable to listen to. The many different styles of music was brought on because of the new instruments which were added to the classic guitars and other instrument used in the past. These new instruments were the electric keyboards, synthesizers, and drum machines. Many artists invented styles to fit their own individual personalities. Some of the other new styles of music of the 80's was, synth pop, disco, post punk, college rock, heartland rock, hip hop, pop, and more. Some artists experimented with several different styles and did not just stick to one specific style. They performed whatever felt right for them. There were many successful artists in the 80's and there were also many artists who did not succeed.

The addition of music videos in the early 80's also made a big impact on whether some artists were successful or not. Some of them were not even known until their music videos appeared on the new VH-1 and MTV television as well as some smaller shows that aired the music videos.

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