House Music Born in the 80s

House music was born in the 80s and was invented from the post disco club culture in the early 80's. After disco became very popular, some of the urban Djs (especially in gay communities), changed the music to make it less pop oriented. The beat was changed to a more mechanical style and the bass became deeper. Elements of the electronic synth pop , Latin soul, dub reggae, rap, and jazz, were mixed together over the musicís insistent, unvarying four - four beat. Many times the music was just instrumental and when vocalists were added, they were faceless female divas which sang wordless melodies. The music was in the underground clubs to begin with but by the mid 80's, house music had surfaced in Chicago, New York City, London, as well as other large cities. Some of it was beginning to make its way to the pop charts especially in London and Europe, but also in America, under the guise of artists such as M/A/R/R/S and Madonna, and producers such as David Cole and Robert Clivilles. There were several sub categories for house music such as, hip house and ambient house, and well known acid house. House music slowed down in the 1990's but it remained popular in clubs in Europe and America.

There was a lot of other new styles of music invented in the 80's besides house music. Rock and roll music as we knew it in the 70's, 60's, and 50's, seemed to split into many different styles because of the adding of the new instruments to the classic guitars and other instruments usually used in rock music. These new instruments were the electric keyboards, synthesizers, and drum machines. Many artists invented their own styles with the new sounds and some also tried many styles before settling for one or two which fit their profile the best. Some of the many new styles were heavy metal, New wave , New wave of British heavy metal, post punk, pop, hip hop, disco, hair metal, thrash metal, college rock, gangsta rap, hard rock, soft rock, heartland rock, synth pop, and more. The 80's brought about a new electric sound to music.

Some of the new styles of music was not received well by many people. Hard rock, post punk, heavy metal, rap, and possibly some of the other, was too loud and obnoxious. Some of it also contained lyrics which had vulgar language in it and also had lyrics about killing, stealing, suicide, drugs, alcohol, demons, and other things which just was not acceptable to many people. They did not want to listen to it and they did not want their children listening to it. They felt that the music was a bad influence on their children.

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