Freestyle Music 80s

Freestyle music of the 80s became very popular in Latino and Hispanic communities around the country. The freestyle style of music first began in New York City, New York, and in Miami, Florida. This style of music was a mixture of vocals over disco and rap or hip hop beats combined. Some people feel that freestyle was started because of the new freestyle dances to the music and not the music itself. Others felt it was the combination and mixture of the music and vocals over it. Freestyle music was started in Miami, Florida after there was confusion between Tony Butlerís track called, Freestyle Express by Freestyle (the music group), and with Debbie Debís track which was called, I Hear Music, which was an older track and more popular track which was produced by Butler. The sound became popular because of Butlerís production and the name of the group he was in.

There are many radio stations across the country which play the freestyle music it is still in demand. Some of the radio stations across the country which play the freestyle music are, KPWR )Power 106) in Los Angeles, California, WQHT-FM (Hot 97) in New York, New York, and XHRM-FM (Hot 92.5) in San Diego, California. Some of the Artists of Freestyle music were, TKA, Sweet Sensation, Exposeí, Safire, Information Society, Lisa Lisa, Cult Jam, George Lamond, and more. Their hits were played on the same playlists as Pop superstars such as Michael Jackson and Madonna. Some of the most popular hits were, One Way Love (by TKA), Donít Break My Heart (by Safire), Hooked On You (by Sweet Sensation), Show Me (by The Cover Girls), Silent Morning (by Noel), I Wonder If I Take You Home (by Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam), Please Donít Go (by Nayobe), Tender heart (Arlene/Leather & Lace), The Mexican (by Jellybean), Running (by Information Society), No Reason To Cry (by Judy Torres), and Exposed To Love (by Exposeí).

Freestyle music is just one of the many new styles of rock and roll music which were invented in the 1980's. There were new instruments added to the classic guitars, etc. in the 80's which brought about the new styles and sounds of music. Some of the new styles of music were hard rock, post punk, disco, pop, hip hop, synth pop, heavy metal, hair metal, thrash metal, college rock, heartland rock, New Wave, New Wave of British heavy metal, and more. Many new dances were also invented to fit the new music styles. Some of the heavy metal, rap, and hard rock was not accepted by some parents and the legislators on Capitol Hill because of the vulgar language and the lyrics about killing, stealing, demons, suicide, drugs, alcohol, and more. Some of the music was also very loud and obnoxious. Parents felt that the music was not a good influence on their kids and did not want them to listen to it.

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