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Freestyle or Latin Freestyle music is also known as Latin Hip Hop in its earlier years. Freestyle is a form of electronic music which is which is influenced by Latin American culture. Freestyle music began in New York in the early 1980's. There are still artists who perform this style of music today. There are many fans who appreciate freestyle music, especially in urban Latino and Italian American communities. The dance genre, Florida Breaks, also evolved from the freelance music style. The freelance music was first performed in New York City, New York and Miami, Florida, in the1980's. It quickly spread to other cities which had Hispanic communities. The music was a combination of disco styles found in the 70's and the sythetic 1980's electro style of the 80's, which was favored by the breakdancing fans.

Some of the artists who perform freelance music are, Lisa Lisa, Safire, Sweet Sensation, Cult Jam, TKA, George Lamond, and Expose are just a few of the artists. Freestyle was a mixture of disco and hip hop techniques. Some feel that freestyle is called freestyle because of the music while others feel that it is because of the vocal technique which is added to the music. These vocal styles were previously sang over the kind of beats that were used for rap and semi chanted funk vocal styles. They mixed the styles and this was said to be the new freestyle music. Guess it could be just a matter of opinion as to where the name freestyle actually came about. There was even other opinions that claim the different freestyle dances invented for the music is how the name freestyle music came about. So your guess is as good as mine. To each his own opinion. The name Freestyle evolved in Miami, Florida because of the confusion there was between Tony Butler and his track called, Freestyle Express, by Freestyle (the group), and When I Hear Music, by Debbie Deb. The sound became known with Butlerís production and the name of the group he was in which was called, Freestyle. The point is, who cares where it came from and who started it? The important thing is that it was well received among some communities and became very popular and still exists today.

Some of the radio stations which play the freestyle music are: KPWR (Power 106), in Los Angeles, WQHT-FM (Hot 97) in New York, and XHRM-FM (Hot 92.5) in San Diego, California. Freestyle music was now getting attention in other countries because of the song called (You Are My) All and All, by Joyce Sims, was one of the first freestyle songs to crossover to R&B and get attention in the European market.

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