Francophone Music of the 80s

Francophone music of the 80s is still very much in demand by fans who love the music. Francophone music is music that is spoken in the French language. There are 26 subcategories in the Francophone music category. Some of the subcategories are, Algerian music, Belgian music, Burkinabe’ music, Burundian music, Cameroonian music, Canadian music, Central African music, Comorian music, French music, Haitian music, Ivorian music, Malagasy music, Malian music, Martinican music, and Mauritian music.

The Francophone culture is still very powerful thanks to music. Whether it is in Louisiana, Quebec, or another country or state, artists who perform Francophone music express their political views and cultural issues through their music. Zachery Richard, who is a Cajun singer, is one of the North American Francophone artists. He is a spokesman to promote and support Francophone culture in Louisiana. Quebec, Canada, is another hot spot for Francophone music. The artists who sing Francophone music sometimes sing in other languages, they still include French speaking songs into their releases and shows. They all have a bond to the French language and to their native language. The USA is a melting pot for the many different styles of music, different languages, etc..

Some of the many artists who sing the Francophone music are, La Bolduc, Isabelle Boulay, Felix Lectlerc, Eric Lapointe, Celine Dione, , Natasha St Pier, and the above mentioned Zachery Richard, just to name a few. Francophone music has been in existence for many years and will continue to thrive as long as there are fans and artists to support and perform it.

There were also many other 80's styles of music and many of them stemmed from the original rock and roll music as we knew it back in the 50's, 60's, and 70's. Gone were those days, probably never to surface again. There are many fans of the past rock and roll who will always remember it and respect it. They will not let the music die in their hearts. The beginning of the new styles of music was due to the fact that new instruments was introduced into the music. The electric keyboards, drum machines, and synthesizers were added to the classic guitars and other instruments usually used in the rock and roll bands. Some of the new styles invented in the 80's were, New Wave, New Wave of British heavy Metal, heavy metal, hard rock, hip hop, post punk, college rock, heartland rock, hair metal, thrash metal, synth pop, disco, and more. There were also many dances which were invented to fit the new dance styles. Some of these new dances were, disco, break dancing, running man, the moonwalk, Cabbage Patch, Pac Man, Roger Rabbit, Robo Cop, the funky twist, new kids move, poppin’, wavin’, lockin’, tickin’, and more.

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