Early 80s Pop Music

The early 80s pop music was beginning to change from the pop music people were used to in the 50's, 60's, and 70's. The 80's music brought about a big change because there were new instruments used in the music and many different styles were invented during the 80's. The new instruments used were the electric keyboards, synthesizers, and drum machines. These new additions made a big change in how the music sounded and artists gave the music a taste of their own style and this brought about the split of rock and roll as we knew it. The new styles of music were New Wave, New Wave of British heavy metal, thrash metal, gangsta rap, hair metal, college rock, synth pop, heartland rock, post punk, hip hop, and more.

Some of the rap, heavy metal, and hard rock music left a lot to be desired and was not approved by the parents of teens and younger kids who listened to it. The music was not only loud and obnoxious, the lyrics included killing, stealing, sex, suicide, demons, devil worship, anti-God, and also vulgar language. The legislators on Capitol Hill and parents worked very hard to get the record companies to put warning labels on the records so they could distinguish the decent music from the junk. Parents felt that the music was a bad influence on their children and sent mixed signals about right and wrong. Some parents, who had children who committed suicide, felt that the music was the reason the child took his or her life. Other parents felt that their kids were becoming juveniles because of the influence of the music.

The 80's synth pop was a unique style in itself. The music contained the use of synthesizers and an upbeat. There were many artists who used the synthesizers so they would have the new sound in their music and they could get the type of sound they wanted. Each artist had their own unique style in their music and other artists later were influenced by it. Synth pop was very popular in mainstream and underground pop music during the first half of the 80's.

The familiar 80's pop sound was characterized by sparse lyrics and with the new instruments used, they formed a New Wave pop sound which became very popular in the early 80's. This electronic sound could be heard in songs like, Whip It, by DEVO, and also in the song called, Cars, by Gary Numan. The new 80's style of music was like having a style for each individual personality. There was a style of music to please everyone and the music was popular worldwide, not just in the U. S..

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