Down Under 80s Music Collection

If you have started a collection of the down under 80s music, you have a collection which be very much in demand for many years to come. There are many people who still listen to 80's music and music from Australia and the U. K. is no less popular than that in the U. S. Many of the most popular artists of the 80's originated in Australia and the U. K.. Australia and the U. K. Have enjoyed vibrant music long before the 80's but the 80's brought about a totally New wave of music which consisted of many styles of music. Some of the many new styles were, hard rock, heavy metal, rap, hair metal, thrash metal, disco, post punk, gangsta rap, college rock, synth pop, hip hop, soft rock, heartland rock, New wave of British Heavy Metal, and others. There seemed to be a new style of music to fit every personality. Some music was loud and obnoxious, some mediocre, and some mellow. Some, rap for instance, did not even require much of a tune, and it didnít have to make sense as long as it rhymed.

There were also many new dances invented to fit the new music styles. Some of the many were, disco, the moonwalk, waviní. Robo Cop, Cabbage Patch, Running Man, Roger rabbit, Funky twist, New Kids Move, break dancing, Pac man, tickiní, lockiní, poppiní, and others. This was the era when music television made its debut with television stations such as MTV, VH-1, and some small stations, began to air the music videos of the artists. Compact discs were selling more than the vinyl records so the vinyls were eventually phased out. Funky style dancing was the ďinĒ thing and it was not unusual to see people wearing parachute pants, biker shorts, and sweats. Many dance videos were released and one of the most popular one was Christy Lane. Christy gave lessons on how to do the new fangled dances. The 80's was a fast moving decade and people were rushing to get nowhere. The world seemed to speed up overnight. There were a lot of changes in the 80's and not all of them were good.

Some of the most popular artists from Australia, or down under as some put it, were Crowded House. Some of the songs this four member group were famous for were, Something So Strong, Donít Dream Itís Over, Temple of Low men, and Better Be Home Soon. Another well known group was, The Church. This group performed the college rock style music and some of their popular tunes were, Under the Milky Way, Reptile, and Spark. The next group was Men At Work. This quintet group had 4 Top 10 hits and 2 of them were number one hits. Two of their songs were, Overkill, and Itís A Mistake. Other Australian artists of the 80's were, Hoodoo Gurus, Rick Springfield, Air Supply, Little River Band, Nick Cave & Bad Seeds, and Olivia Newton-John.

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