Don't Shed a Tear For Me 80s Music

One of the great 80s music songs was called, Donít shed A Tear For Me, was sung by Paul Carrack. Other songs which Paul sang that may bring back memories is, Button of My Shirt, My Town, I Will Be There, and many more. Paul Carrack was just one of the many popular artists of the 1980's and many of them are still recording and touring today. Many of them took a break or some groups broke up then reunited in the past few years to take up where they left off. There are many compilation albums of the 80's music being released in order to keep the music alive and to give the many 80's fans a chance to fill their collections with the songs they may not have gotten before or maybe have been destroyed or lost over the years.

There are many websites which contain a lot of information about 1980's music and there are some which have the history of the songs and the artists. You can also go to some of them and download the music or just listen to it while you are online reading your email, surfing the net, or working online. There are still many people who are crazy about the 80's music and listen to it on one of the many radio stations which play 80's music. There are also many online stations which play the 80's music so you can find it when you are online. Some of the websites that have music you can hear are,,,, and, just to name a few.

The 80's has also be called the MTV Generation. From the first lyrics of, Video Killed the Radio Star, music videos has been a big break for many artists. Television shows such as the cable station, MTV and VH-1, and other small television stations popped up and began airing music videos. Many artists were not even recognized until their videos were aired on television. This helped many artists become successful and also helped many successful artists become even more successful. The music videos on television really became a huge success when pop stars such as Madonna and Michael Jackson had music videos aired.

The 80's brought about the use of synthesizers, electric keyboards, and drum machines. The use of these new instruments along with the guitars formed a New Wave pop sound that became very popular in the early 80's. There were many different styles of music and many new dances in the 80's. There seemed to be a new dance or two for every new music style.

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