Bauhaus 80s Music

Bauhaus was an 80s music rock group which was formed in 1978, in Northhampton. The group was formed by Peter Murphy (vocalist), Daniel Ash (guitar player), Kevin Haskins (drum player), and brother David J Haskins(bass guitar player). They chose their name from the German Bauhaus art movement and originally went by the name of Bauhaus 1919. Within the first year they dropped the 1919 from their name. The band had a dark, gloomy sound and image and they are considered to be one of the first gothic rock bands in existence. The band did not last long as they split up in 1983. After that, Peter Murphy started a solo career and the other went on as a group and called themselves , Tones On Tail, then later on changed their name to Love and Rockets. Both later groups had more success in the U. S. Than they did as Bauhaus. They disappeared from the charts in their own homeland after Bauhaus. Bauhaus reunited in 1998 for a tour and then reunited again in 2005 on a more permanent basis. They made plans to record another album at that point.

David J. Haskins, his brother Kevin Haskins, and Daniel Ash have played together since they were kids. They played in various bands which often lasted for more than one show. One band they were with was called The Craze, and it was one of the ones they were with the longest. Daniel Ash asked Peter Murphy to join them and they went into a studio after they practiced for six weeks together. They recorded a demo at the Beck Studios in Wellingborough. They recorded five songs and one track from the session. They then released a debut single called, Bella Lugosiís Dead, in August, 1979, on the Small Wonders Records label. The single remained on the British charts for 2 years.

Bauhaus was then asked to record a session for DJ John Peelís evening show and it was broadcast on January 3, 1980. The band then released three more singles called, Dark Entries, Terror Couple Kill Colonel, and Telegram Sam. They then released their debut album called, In the Flat Field, in 1980, on the 4AD record label. The album got some negative reviews but it still charted on the indie charts and also made it to the British Pop charts, where it reached number 72 for a week. The band split up in 1983 and their last show together was at the Hammersmith Palais. This was a surprise to their dedicated fans.

The has since reunited and plan to release their first album since 1983., and the title of it is Go Away White. The band released 8 albums, 14 singles, and Eps, and 5 compilations.

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