80s Underground Music Playlists

The 80s underground music playlists included the Paisley Underground movement which began in 1982 and spanned out to about 1986. By the end of the 1980's most of the original bands had split up and moved on to other interests. Much of the underground music is still popular and in demand. The underground music was said to bridge the gap between the 60's and the 90's music.

Some of the many 80s underground music playlists included songs and groups such as:

The Real World, by The bangles. The band was an all girl group which was formerly known as The Bangs. The group was formed in Los Angles in 1981 and they performed the more 60's style of rock. Their song, The Real World, was a single from their debut EP with the Faulty Records label, which was released in 1982.

Death And Angels, by Green On Red, was on the Down There Label, on the EP called, Green On Red, and was released in 1982. Green On Red was a group from Tuscon, Arizona. Their debut album was, Gravity Talks, on the Slash records label, was released in 1983. The group released 10 albums and split up in 1992.

Looking For Lewis and Clark, was released by The Long Ryders. They signed with several record labels over time. Looking For Lewis and Clark was a song from their debut album called, State of Our Union, in 1985. The group is considered to be one of the best folk/country/jangle pop/roots rock bands of the 80's.

The song called, This canít Be Today, released by the group called, The Rain Parade. The style of music from this group was a hypnotic drone, raga rock with melancholic lyrics. Their songs had a 60's influence as did many of the underground groups. Their song, This canít be Today, was the first single from their debut album called, Emergency Third rail Power trip, which was released with the Enigma records label in 1983. The band split up in 1986.

With A Canteloupe Girlfriend was a song by the underground group called, The Three OíClock. The group was first called, The salvation Army, in 1980. They had to change their name after they released their EP debut album called, Baroque Hoedown, was released in 1982. The group released one charted album called, Traveling At #125, in 1985. The band split up in 1988.

There were many other bands from the underground during the 1980. Some of the popular artists and groups such as The Bangles, started out as an underground group and worked their way to success. Most of the underground groups did not rise above the cult status but some did.

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