80s Sexy Female Music Groups

There were many sexy female music groups in the 80s and they sang a variety of music. There were also many female solo artists who were very popular in the 80's. Some of the female groups of the 80's were The Pointer Sisters, Banarama (a British all female group), Salt-n-Pepa, The GoGos, The Bangles, Vice Squad, Heart, Girl School, Rock Goddess, The RunAways, TLC, and EnVogue. These all female groups were some of the top favored groups of the 80s and they still have many fans which still listen to their music.

The female music groups of the 80's and their music can be found online on many sites. There are some sites which give you the opportunity to sit and listen to your favorite artist or artists while you surf the internet, read your email, or work online. Many of the sites also have options to download your favorite music onto your computer or onto your MP3 player or other device. You can even download music on some cell phones today. There are many new devices available to listen to your favorite 80's music on so you can hear it no matter where you are.

There are many new styles of music which popped up in the 80's because of the new instruments which were introduced. These instruments were synthesizers, drum machines, and electric keyboards. These instruments were added to the classical guitars and other instruments used in previous rock and roll music. Most of the artists of the 80's had their own unique sound of music and could be distinguished by it. Some artists tried many new styles before they settled with one that they were satisfied with and liked the sound of.

Some of the many new styles of music which took the place of the rock and roll as we knew it back in the 50's, 60's, and 70's, were New Wave, New Wave of British Heavy Metal, heavy metal, hard rock, soft rock, college rock, heartland rock, gangsta rap, post punk, hip hop, pop, synth pop, hair metal, thrash metal, and more. There seemed to be a style of music for just about every personality there is. Listeners had a big variety to choose from. Some of the styles of rock music were not well received because it was loud, obnoxious, and the lyrics contained vulgar language, lyrics about demons, stealing, killing, sex, drugs, suicide, alcohol, devil worshiping, anti-religious, and more. Many parents and the legislators on Capitol Hill protested the music and since they could not get the music banned, they wanted to get the music labeled so people could tell which music was safe to listen to and which music was not.

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