80s Rock Music Webcast

There are many 80s rock music webcast services on the internet. You can tune into one of them and listen to your favorite 80s rock music. Just a few of the webcast services on the internet are:

SSA Webcast: Band List
Radiohead: This is pop rock music and has catchy tunes:

There are many webcast 80s rock music sites on the internet. All it takes is a quick search to find one to suit you. There are also many different styles of music of the 80s because the 80's was a time in which rock music took a turn and changed in a big way. There were many new styles of rock and roll music invented and it was the end of rock and roll as we remembered it in the 50's, 60's, and 70's.

Some of the many new styles of rock and roll music in the 80's were, New Wave, New Wave of British Heavy Metal, post punk, disco, gangsta rap, heavy metal, hair metal, thrash metal, hip hop, pop, R&B, college rock, heartland rock, synth pop, and more. There were new instruments introduced in the 1980's and this played a major part in the change in music styles. The new instruments were electric keyboards, synthesizers, and drum machines. These instruments, along with the classic guitars, etc. brought about many different sounds. Many of the artists created their own individual sounds with the instruments.

The new electric sounds were sometimes very loud and obnoxious. Some artists who played the heavy metal, rap, and hard rock, decided to get louder and their lyrics to the music was not acceptable by some. Many parents did not want their children listening to the loud, vulgar music. There was vulgar language used in many songs and there was also lyrics about killing, stealing, sex, drugs, alcohol, demons, devils, and more. Parents as well as legislators on Capitol Hill were against this type of music and they wanted to get the music banned but since they could not accomplish that, they worked on getting the music labeled in a way that they could distinguish it from the decent music. They felt that this style of music was a very bad influence on their children. Many children who got mixed up in crime or committed suicide and the parents blamed it on the music they listened to. It was just about impossible to keep their children from listening to it if they were determined enough to listen to it. If they could not listen to it at home, they listened to it elsewhere.

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