80s Rock Music

80s rock music took a drastic turn from the classic rock and roll of the 50's, 60's and 70's. There were many new styles of music invented and many new dance styles to fit the music. The 80's seemed to be an era where there was a lot of rebellion, political unrest, open discussions of sex, violence, drugs, alcohol, religion, and cults. Much of the music depicted these different subjects and many parents did not want their children listening to a lot of the music because they felt it would steer their child in the wrong direction from what they were teaching them about life and doing what was right. Many of the lyrics to the tunes were telling the public that it was ok to kill steal, have sex freely, drink alcohol and do drugs. Some of the songs were cult like and it literally scared the parents to death because they feared for their children and what they would become if they were influenced by this music.

Not all of the music was bad in the 80's. There was a lot of very successful artists and songs which were great to dance to or just to sing along with. Some of the different styles of music invented in the 80's were, synth pop, hip hop, R&B, soft rock, post punk, hard rock, heavy metal, rap, and disco. There was a style of music to fit each individual personality. The heavy metal and hard rock was very loud and had a lot of vulgar language and cult like lyrics to the songs. Some of the others were much easier on the ears and were better for the children to listen to. Many times the hard rock and heavy metal involved drugs, sex, and alcohol.

The different styles of dancing which were new in the 80's were, running man, break dancing, poppin’, lockin’, tickin’, wavin’, moonwalk, cabbage patch, roger rabbit, robo cop, disco, Pac man, and more. There seemed to be at least one type of dance for every style of music. This was an era for balloon pants, biker shorts, and sweats. Funky style dancing was definitely the in thing at the time.

Some of the most popular songs of the 80's and their artists were:

Billy Jean (by Michael Jackson), Into the Groove (Madonna), Super Freak Part I (Rick James), Beat It (Michael Jackson), Funkytown (Lipps Inc.), Sweet Dreams Are Made of This (Eurythmics), Don’t You Want Me? (Human League), Tainted Love (Soft Cell), Like A Virgin (Madonna), Blue Monday (New Order), When Doves Cry (Prince), What I Like About You (The Romantics), Push It (Salt N’ Pepa), Celebration (Kool and the Gang), and many more.

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