80s Reggae Music

Reggae Music came to America in the 80's along with many other new styles of music. These new styles replaced the rock and roll music of the 50's, 60's, and 70's, as we knew it. Reggae music has a very beautiful beat to it ans is very entertaining to listen to. It might be considered a happy style of music. It certainly livens up the room when it is being played.

There were many other styles of music invented in the 80's and some of them were, gangsta rap, disco (also had a lively beat), heavy metal, hair metal, New wave of British heavy metal, college rock, heartland rock, hip hop, R&B, retro, pop, synth pop, and more. Some of the new styles of music were not approved of because of the loud music and the lyrics which were about killing, stealing, death, demons, suicide, alcohol, drugs, devils, anti-religion, and also contained vulgar language. Some parents blamed the music on their child committing suicide or becoming addicted to drugs, alcohol, or becoming criminals. Many parents and the legislators on Capitol Hill protested the music and worked on getting the music labeled in such a way that they could distinguish whether the music was fit to listen to or not. They wanted the music banned but it couldnít be done so if the music was at least labeled, maybe they could help prevent their children from listening to it. This was not always the case though. Many children still listened to it even after their parents forbade them to listen to it. The music was also blamed for kids becoming hard to discipline and control.

Some of the most popular examples of Reggae music are, Go Back Home (by Linford Roberts), Donít Do Me Dat (by Leroy Smart), Nah Go Home (by Echo Minott), More Love (by Tony Tuff), Going To the Chapel (by Yellowman), Jah Be Good To Me (Sugar Minott), Jah Rastafari (by Earl Sixteen), Lazy Body (by Echo Minott and Ricky General), and Nice and Easy (by Anthony Johnson).

Reggae music is played a lot in Jamaica and other southern islands. It may even be one of their main styles of music down there. It has become popular in the United States and this may be due to the fact that there are more Jamaicans and Puerto Ricans moving up into the United States. The music was also used in some movies which were shown in the United States. Jamaican Bobsled Team was one of the movies which was a hit and the soundtrack contained some reggae music in it. Reggae music will be around for a long time and has many fans listening to it. You can hear it on the internet and also on radio stations across the country.

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