80s Pop Music

80's pop music was just one of the many rock and roll music styles which was a big part of the 80's movement in music. Rock and Roll was no longer what we knew it as in the 50's, 60's, and 70's. There were new instruments used along with the guitars and other instruments normally used.. They were the synthesizers, electric keyboards, and drum machines. These new instruments provided a whole new sound to rock and roll music. The different sounds in the use of these instruments brought about the many new styles of music. Some of the new styles of music invented in the 80's were, gangsta rap, hip hop, synth pop, college rock, heartland rock, hard rock, soft rock, heavy metal, thrash metal, hair metal, New Wave of British heavy metal, New Wave, disco, and many more.

Pop music was still a big part of many fan’s lives and the other styles were just an addition to the pop. Pop music was also different in sound with the new instruments but it still contained the mellow beat that people could listen to, dance to, and enjoy. Some of the new styles were not accepted by some because of the lyrics and the loud obnoxious music. The lyrics to some of the hard rock, rap, and heavy metal music was not appropriate for young ears to hear. Some parents and the legislators on Capitol Hill could not stop the music from being released so they wanted to get the recordings labeled so they could be distinguished from the decent music. Some of the so called music was just a bunch of screaming, yelling, and fouls lyrics along with the background of music which was so loud that the lyrics could not be heard.

The pop music and other more mellow, easy listening music of the 80's is also still popular today and there are still many 80's music fans who still listen to it. There are also many new compilation albums being released with the most popular 80's music on them so fans can add them to their collections and maybe fill in some they were missing. There were also many new dances invented, in the 80's, to fit the many new styles of music Some of them were, Cabbage Patch, Robo Cop, Pac Man, Roger Rabbit, running man, tickin’, lockin’, wavin’, poppin’, break dancing, disco, moonwalk, and funky twist, just to name a few. There seemed to be a style of music and a new dance for everyone. The 80's also brought about the new music videos which were aired on VH-1 and MTV television and smaller stations.

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