80s Music Videos

Music videos became very popular in the 80s, thanks to the new television show at that time called MTV. MTV aired the music videos on their show and many artist became very successful because of the music videos. Cable Network MTV was an icon of the 80's. Music videos could not only be viewed on MTV but they could also be seen on VH-1, Night Tracks, or any of the smaller music channels and half hour shows on television. Music videos are a short story which depicts the song and sometimes included the artist themselves and sometimes just a stand in and other actors or actresses. In most of them the artist appears singing the song while others act out the story in the song. People enjoy listening to their favorite songs and watching the videos made for them. Somehow it seems to make the story in the song more real when there is a video with it. It is also very easy to relate to some of the songs even more when there is a video to watch.

The Top 10 Cheeziest Videos of the 80's were:

1. I Ran (A Flock of Seagulls):
This was considered to be one of the worst videos ever. There were 2 mute alien like women walking like robots toward the camera and the band is in a mirror house playing their instruments while the camera circles like it is about to fall over.

2. Do You Want To Hurt Me (Culture Club):
This was a video that didn’t even fit the song so it was hard to figure out just what Boy George was trying to do in it. The video did not tell a story and did not fit the song at all.

3. Whip It (Devo):
The guy has a whip and is using it to undress a mannequin and just before the doll is nude, the video ends. There are also some whip related items in the video, such as whipped cream.

4. Safety dance (Men Without Hats):
This video had all of the characters in it looking so happy it was too fake looking. The video just was not a favorite of anyone’s, it seems.

5. Abracadabra (Steve Miller band):
Steve Miller did not appear in this video and it was considered to be very bad.

6. Chains of Love (Erasure):
The people are hanging from chains and move up and down them.

7. All She Wants Is (Duran Duran):
The girl makes weird noises throughout the whole song.

8. Cars (Gary Numan):
No cars in this video, sorry. The guy is just playing melodies on the keyboardwhile walking in and out of smoke machines.

9. The Metro (Berlin):
This is a very simple, plain, boring video some say. The lady is on the metro and different things she sees are in the video.

10. Planet earth (Duran Duran):
This video was very plain in that it is a group of people on a stage which looks like a type of pillar with no ground under neath them.

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