80s Music Video With Giant Plastic Instruments

The 80's rock music was much different and a video with giant plastic instruments was a good example of this. Artists of the 80's used whatever ideas they could come up to draw attention to the public and they used whatever they thought would sell the music, as their props for their performances and music videos. Giant plastic instruments was just one of the many bazaar ideas that was used. There was also fire, weird costumes, and other strange props used on stage and in the music videos. Some of the ideas worked very well and some did not help at all. The music still had to be good in the eyes of the fans before the music would sell. It takes a combination of many things to make an artist successful.

The 80's was an era of change in rock and roll music and weird costumes and props were a big part of it. Performances on stage was sometimes what got the attention of the crowds more than the music itself did. If the public liked the show, they remembered the artist or group, if not they forgot them.

The 1980's also brought about the first music videos. The first ones were aired in 1981. MTV, VH-1, and other smaller television shows were given the credit for the success of the music videos. Some artists had good music videos and others were very bad. Some of them had nothing to do with the song that was being sung. Other music videos gained the artists a lot of success. Many artists first became successful because of the airtime they received for their music videos. Others who were already successful, became even more successful because of their music videos and the airtime they received. As the song goes, Video Killed the Radio Star, and you might say that it did. After the music videos were invented, very few became famous because of airtime received on the radio. Of course, everyone likes to listen to the radio so it does still help, it just isnít the forerunner for advertising anymore.

The many new styles of music invented from the split of the rock and roll music , in the 80's, were, disco, New Wave, New Wave of British heavy metal, heavy metal, hard rock, college rock, heartland rock, gangsta rap, hip hop, synth pop, hair metal, thrash metal, and more. Some of the music did not set well with some of the parents with young children. The music was loud, obnoxious, and the lyrics contained words and phrases which were a bad influence on the kids. There were lyrics about killing, violence, stealing, sex, drugs, alcohol, demons, devils, anti-Christian, cult-like, and vulgar language that the parents did not want their children to listen to.

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