80s Music Video DVD

The 80s Music Video DVD is a DVD with some of the most popular 1980's music videos. Music videos became very popular in the 1980's with the appearance of MTV, VH-1, and other smaller television shows and stations which aired the music videos. Many artists of the 80's era would not have become popular if it had not been for the air time they received with their music videos on VH-1 and MTV. Music videos are still very popular today and other stations such as the cable station for country music shows music videos for the country music artists. This exposure helps get the artists the exposure they need to sell their music.

80's Music Video DVD has the following music videos on it: Video Killed the Radio Star (by the Buggles), The Look of Love (by ABC), Shout (by Tears For fears), In A Big Country (by Big Country), Come On Eileen (by Dexy’s Midnight Runners), I Can Dream About You (by Dan Hartman), Heat of the Moment (by Asia), Sister Christian (by Night Ranger), Breakout (by Swing Our Sister), Obsession (by Animotion), No More Words (Berlin), Something About You (by Level 42), Tempted (by Squeeze), and Everybody Wants To Rule the World (by Tears For Fears). There have also been many compilation albums released in the past few years in order to keep the 80's music alive. There are still many 80's music fans who still listen to the 80's music and this gives them a chance to not only listen to the best compilations but they can also buy them so they can add them to their collections. The DVD with the music videos is another way to add to a collection.

There are many different styles of music which were invented in the 1980's. The typical rock and roll that people were used to from the 50's, 60's, and 70's, was fast changing. There were many new styles which changed rock and roll as we knew it in the past. There were new instruments used and they changed the sound of the music completely. These instruments were the electric keyboards, the synthesizers, and the drum machines. From the use of the machines came the new styles of rock music such as disco, New Wave, New Wave of British heavy metal, hair metal, thrash metal, college rock, heartland rock, gangsta rap, hip hop, synth pop, and more. New dances were also invented for these new styles of music. Many of these styles of music are still being released today. Some of the styles such as the heavy metal, hard rock, and rap, are popular but did not go over well with parents of teens and younger children. A lot of the music was and still is a bad influence on the younger generation.

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