80s Music URLS For Xanga

There are many 80s music urls for Xanga. Xanga is an online community for individuals and their friends, and family to come together and start their own weblog, share their photos, and also to meet new friends. The site is safe to use and no one can have enough friends. Meet new people around the world and find out how others in other countries live. The internet has brought the world together in this way and Xanga is just one of the communities where everyone can come and have a good time.

Some of the many music urls for Xanga are, blogring.net/forum/entertainment/33663-80s-music.html, blogring.net/forum/entertainment/67307-80-s-music.html, www.xanga.com/a_gorgeous_sunshine18, www.winzy.com/word/Music%20xanga, and groups.xanga.com/groups/group.aspx?id=187005&s=1. You can check any of these out or you can find many more on Xanga.com.

The 80's music consists of many different styles so you can do a more specific search to find the style of music you are looking for. You can find an 80's artist on the Xanga community site, My Space.com, or many other sites on the internet. Most of the artists have their own websites also and you can find any information you need about them. There are many fans of a particular artist who also has websites set up for their 80's music idols. There are many good sources of information about 80's music on the internet.

There are also many different styles of music from the 80's. Besides the usual country, jazz, soul, and others, which are still around, rock and roll as we knew it in the 50's, 60's, and 70's, took a big turn and changed completely. There were new instruments used along with the usual guitars, pianos, and drums. The new instruments were synthesizers, electric keyboards, and drum machines. These instruments gave the music a whole new sound. Many of the new music styles became very loud and were obnoxious with a lot of screaming, yelling, howling, etc. Not only that but the lyrics to the loud music was hard to decipher and if you could understand it, you might not want to listen to it because the lyrics contained vulgar language and was about killing, stealing, sex, drugs, violence, alcohol, demons, devils, anti-Christian, and other lyrics which might steer a child in the wrong direction. Many parents did not want their children listening to the junk. Some parents and legislators on Capitol Hill protested the music and wanted to make sure the music was labeled so they could tell if it was safe for their kids to listen to.

Some of the many different styles of the new rock and roll music was, New Wave, heavy metal, hair metal, thrash metal, college rock, gangsta rap, disco, hard rock, heartland rock, New Wave of British heavy metal, synth pop, hip hop, and more. The heavy metal, hard rock, and rap was the music styles from which the unapproved music came from. Not all of it was bad but a lot of it was.

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