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There are many 80s music links to MySpace Com. Many of the artists of the 80's have their own personal websites and their bands sometimes have another website. There are many 80's music artists and it is easy to do a search and find the one needed. There is a lot of information about the artists and their songs as well as a lot of personal information about some of them. Some fans also have MySpace pages about their favorite artists and you can check some of them out to get opinions and information from individuals. MySpace seems to be one of the first places some individuals look to get the information about a specific artist or group.

There are also many other websites which has information about 80s artists and their band members. Many of the artists also have websites besides MySpace pages. There are many sites which have information about any given artist and all of their biographies, music and other information about them can be found online. One quick search on a search engine will bring thousands of resources to them.

There are many different styles of 80's music and rock and roll was changed in the 80's and is nothing like what we knew it to be back in the 50's, 60's, and 70's. The 80's rock and roll split up into many different styles and there were new instruments used along with the original guitars, etc. These new instruments brought about a completely different sound for rock and roll. The new instruments were the electric keyboards, synthesizers, and drum machines. Some of the artists were considered to be one man bands because they sang and controlled the machines, and recorded their own music, as well. Only during stage performances did some of them need backup band members.

Some of the different styles of music invented in the 80's were, synth pop, hip hop, gangsta rap, disco, heavy metal, college rock, hair metal, thrash metal, heartland rock, New Wave, New Wave of British Heavy Metal, and more. Some of the heavy metal, rap, and hard rock was not approved of by parents who had teenage or younger kids. The music was so obnoxious and loud, plus it contained lyrics which was inappropriate for young kids to listen to. Some of the music was so loud and the artists screamed or yelled the lyrics so much that it was practically impossible to even understand what they were saying. The lyrics that were understandable consisted of vulgar language, demons, sex, drugs, alcohol, devils, cult-like, killing, stealing, or anything else which was not a good influence on the kids. Rock and roll has never been the same since.

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