80s Music Radio

There are many 80s music radio stations and there are many stations you can listen to on the internet which play 80's music. There is a wide variety of 80's music so there are many radio stations which play just one style of 80's music. The 80's was a time for rock and roll to make a big split and there were many new styles of music invented. Some of the new styles of music are New Wave, hard rock, soft rock, heavy metal, rap, disco, synth pop, hip hop, post punk, and more. Many of these styles were split into different styles. Some of the heavy metal was hair metal, New Wave of British Metal, and thrash metal. There were also different forms of rock. Some of them were college rock, hard rock, soft rock, punk rock, and heartland rock, among others.

Some of the 80s radio stations are 80s/OLDIES, Club 977 (80's Channel Flashback Alternatives), KCEA 89.1FM-oldies (only oldies station), MPEG Radio 80's, RadioIO 80's, Radio IO 80's Pop, Sky.FM - All Hits 80's, just to name a few. There are stations in every state which play the 80's hits so a search can be done on the internet to find the ones in a designated area. Many of the stations can be heard on the internet so you can tune in there and listen to your favorite music while online surfing the internet, reading email, or working. Many of the websites also have the lyrics to the songs so you can sing along if you want to and not miss a beat.

The 1980's rock music is still going strong and there are millions of fans listening to this music. When the heavy metal, rap, and hard rock began, there was a lot of controversy over it. The music was not only loud but the lyrics were not acceptable by many parents of teens and younger kids. The lyrics to a lot of the songs were very disturbing because they talked about stealing, killing, violence, sex, drugs, alcohol, devil worshiping, and other related topics. The music was viewed as a bad influence on the kids and many parents did not want the music played in their homes. It seemed that there was no stopping the music from being recorded and released. Today the music still exists and many parents still do not want their children listening to it and it is a completely new generation listening to it today. It is sad that any artist would want to sing something that may have a negative influence on the children but it seems that they donít care as long as someone is listening and they are making money from it. It is also thought by some that the crime and violence from the music as well as some tv shows and movies, have caused some young kids to commit suicide.

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