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Want to have fun? Take an 80s music quiz on the internet. There are many to choose from and if you are 80's music smart, take a challenge and see how much you remember about 80's music and artists.

There were many new styles of music in the 1980's and there were a lot of new dances to fit the new styles of music. How much of it do you remember? The 80's rock was not as cut and dried as the 50's, 60's, and 70's. What some called rock and roll was being changed and divided into many different categories. There was New Wave, disco, post punk, heavy metal, hard rock, rap, college rock, synth pop, hip hop, and more.

Some of the dances invented to fit the new styles of music was, disco, break dancing, the moonwalk, funky twist, Roger rabbit, running man, Robo Cop, Cabbage Patch, New Kids Move, Pac Man, poppin’, wavin’, lockin’, tickin’, and others. Dance videos were available to teach people how to do the dances they wanted to learn. Christy Lane was one of the most popular dance videos available.

There were many 80's artists singing these new styles of music. There were new instruments used to make the sound they wanted to achieve. The instruments they used, as well as guitars and drums, were electric keyboards, drum machines, and synthesizers. This was the era of electric sound in music. Heavy Metal music was very loud and had a lot of electric sound to it. Electric guitars, electric keyboards, and synthesizers made the unique sound that became so popular in the 80's. Music television also made its debut in the 80's. The dawning of MTV, VH-1, and other small television shows, began to air music videos for the artists songs. This helped many artists to become successful and others who were already successful received much more exposure and became even more successful because of the exposure on television.

Some of the many websites who have set up 80's trivia quizzes are located at, www.80smusiclyrics.com This site has a large collection of memorable rock and pop lyrics of the 80's. It also has weekly music lyrics quizzes on 80's pop rock and heavy metal songs. Www.coolquiz.com/myquiz/myquiz.asp?quiznum=108. Coolquiz is a new download so you can take a quiz. There are 200 points possible. questions to the quiz and keeps score for you. The next site is www.yetanotherdot.com/asp/80s.html. This site has a fill in the blank and complete the lyrics of the song. It has 103 questions and tells you what your score is when you are finished. Another quiz site is www.triviaplaza.com/quiz.php?trivia=80s-albums-1. This quiz is fun and free to take and it is an 80s album quiz. You will be graded for the quiz. Have Fun Fun Fun!!!

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