80s Music Online

There is a lot of 80 music available online and all it takes is a quick search on a search engine to find it. Any style of 80's music can be found on many websites. Any particular artist or group from the 80's can also be found by doing a little searching. There are some sites which have a lot of information and history about a particular artist or group from the 80's . There are also many sites which have the artist’s music available to listen to or to download. The artists music can be purchased on cds online at many of the sites. Amazon.com or Ebay.com are two very good sources to purchase your favorite music from the 80's from. The individual music artists and groups also have their own websites and their music can be purchased from there. You can also download some of the music to your computer or mp3 player from some of the websites.

There are still millions of 80's fans who are still listening to the 80's music of their choice. There are many online radio stations where one can listen to the style of music they prefer while they are online surfing the net, reading email, or working. Some of the online sources of information about 80's music are, www.80music.about.com, www.80sretromusic.com, www.music80s.tk, www.talkshoe.com, and www.i80s.com are just a few of the many sites available. Check some of them out and you can find what you are looking for. Many of the sites also have links to other similar sites so it makes your searching mush easier.

There were many different styles of music which popped up in the 80's and there were many new dances in the 80's to fit the styles of music. Some of the New Wave styles of music invented were, heavy metal, hair metal, thrash metal, disco, post punk, funky rock, hip hop, college rock, synth pop, gangsta rap, New wave of British heavy metal, and many more. Some of the dances which were invented to fit the styles of music were, running man, poppin’ Roger Rabbit, break dancing, Robo Cop, Cabbage Patch, Moonwalk, funky twist, new kids move, Pac man, wavin’, lockin’, tickin’, and many more.

Online music can be downloaded on mp3 players, your computer, your cell phone, and many other options. There are many 80's fans who are still listening to the 80's music and there are also some of the artists and groups still performing today and releasing more of their music. There have also been a series of compilation albums released which contain the top 80's music. This gives the fans the opportunity to get the music from their favorite artists that they felt was lost and they can now complete their collections.

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