80s Music On The Web

There is a lot of 80s music on the web and all it takes is a quick search and there is a vast list to choose from. You can listen to 80's music on the internet while you surf the internet, read your email, or while you work. There are many different styles of music which were invented in the 80's so there are many different web stations which give everyone the music of their choice. Some stations play only one style of 80s music and others play a variety of all of the 80s rock style of music. Some of the new styles of music of the 80's were, post punk, disco, soft rock, college rock, hard rock, rap, heavy metal, New Wave, New Wave of British heavy metal, gangsta rap, hair metal, synth pop profile, heartland rock, thrash metal, and more.

Much of the 80's music (such as heavy metal, rap, and hard rock) was in question because of the loud music and the lyrics in the songs. There was a lot of controversy over it at the time. Parents had problems with their kids because when they found out what the artists were saying in the songs, they refused to let their kids listen to it. Or at least they tried to prevent them from listening to it. The lyrics were about drugs, alcohol, included foul language, killing, suicide, stealing, devil worshiping, and any negative subject there was. Parents were outraged because of this music and they didnít want their children listening to it because they felt it would influence their children. Some parents who had children who committed suicide, felt that the music had caused their children to take their lives.

As mentioned before, there are many websites where they play 80's music. Some of the websites to check out are www.80sretromusic.com, www.music80s.tk, www.talkshoe.com, and www.i80s.com. These are just a few of the many and if you want to find a particular style of 80's music or a particular artist, do a quick search on one of the search engines and you can find a list of sites which play the music. Many of the websites with 80's music have a lot of information about the artists and history about the music. You can also find a lot of information about the artists and their music on their individual websites and My Space pages.

There are still millions of 1980's music fans and there are many new compilation albums being released to keep the 80's music alive. The albums have many of the most popular songs of the eighties and they include a variety of dance songs on them.

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