80s Music On 5 Dollars

Dollars 5 is just one of the many web sites on which there are links to 80s music. The website is www.5dollars.com and there are options to download music onto a Blackberry, and other music devices. The site has the Multiplay utility program for the Blackberry as well as the media player, vNotes, and txtNotes for the Blackberry. There are also utility programs for the Palm. The site has links to forums, labs, and consulting services for those who need more information, check out the site for the information you might be needing for your Blackberry or Palm and how to download your favorite 80's music. There are many websites which have downloadable music of the 80's and/or have the ability to listen to the music online while you work or surf the internet. There is a lot of radio stations which still play the 80's music because there is still many fans of the music. There are also many different styles of 80's music to choose from. Some stations play only one style of 80's music such as heavy metal. Others play a variety of 80's music and play all of the hits of that era. Still other stations will play classic rock of the 50's, 60's, 70's, 80's, and 90's, so you can hear it all. Some websites offer all of these eras too but in some cases, you can choose a specific era of music to listen to while you are online, or you can download the music.

Some of the many different styles of music in the 80's are, heavy metal, thrash metal. Hair metal, college rock, synth pop, hip hop, R&B, New Wave, New Wave of British Heavy Metal, rap, disco, heartland rock, country, jazz, soul, spiritual, and more. The 80's was a time that rock and roll took a turn and split up into many different styles. There seemed to be a style to fit everyone who was interested in rock and roll music and liked to listen to it. Some of the music was very controversial and many parents and legislators on Capitol Hill protested the music. They also fought to get the music in question labeled so everyone could distinguish it from other music that might be more appropriate for their children to listen to. A lot of the music was loud, obnoxious, and the lyrics were not appropriate for their children to listen to. The lyrics, in many cases, contained vulgar language, lyrics about sex, violence, suicide, killing, stealing, drugs, alcohol, demons, devils, cult-like, and more, and was just not acceptable to many people. The music is still performed even today but many parents forbid their kids to listen to it.

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