80s Music Nocturnal Emissions

The 80s music band called Nocturnal Emissions, was a secret to the public since the 1970's. The band was led by Nigel Ayers, and it was the first band to use tape cutting, avant-garde art, and underground video works to create a stage performance which was being cultivated by other artists such as Throbbing Gristle and Cabaret Voltaire.Other members of the group were Danny Ayers and Caroline K. Next the band used samplers and electronic noise in their work they did in the early 80's. They made a twisted funk sound which went on to become an influence for others to follow.Others whoi were influenced by this style of music was Foetus and Negativland, as well as others. The band still used their other tricks and upped their ante with extremist performance art and more professional displays on stage. They did not sign with a major label although they probably had some offers. Instead, they released their own music the way they wanted it.The band continued into the 1990's and they started the website, www.earthlydelights.co.uk. The website is a very detailed site which promotes their works. They have released many CDs and tapes of their material.

The group has released 3 albums. They are Collateral Salvage, Befehlsnotstand, and The World Is My Womb. The group is a sound art project and they have released many records and CDs in different styles such as electro-acoustic, musique concrete, hybridized beats, sound collage, post-industrial music, ambient and noise music. From the early stages of their work, the group used the axiom of music being of social control such as brainwashing, cult conditioning, and subliminal advertising. One of their first performances was in a railway arch in Atlantic Road, Brixton, and there was the 1981 Brixton riots going on outside at the same time.

In 1984 Nigel Ayers continued basically as a solo act. There were others (as many as one to a dozen), in the lineup over time. The temporary members were Stanza, Ben Ponton, and Fiona Harrold. The group had their own record label called, Sterile records, and later with the Netherlands based, Staalplaat, and the USA based, Soleilmoon recording companies. The group went on to collaborate with Butoh dance performances in both Europe and the U. S.. The Japanese choreographer Poppo Shiraishi was the one the group collaborated with. It was about this time that the group became informed by magick, stone circles, techno shamanism, neo paganism, animism, and Fortean research. They collaborated on many animated movies by Charlotte Bill, Mancunian TV Director. Charlotte was never an official member of Nocturnal Emissions but she was a member of the band called, The fall.

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